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Adelaide St, Blairgowrie

Adelaide St, Blairgowrie

The clients’ of this beach house had a brief that called for a wide range of features. They wanted a large pool with a water feature, as well as a seating area to connect with the house and a big lawn.

The 15m x 5m pool is set off by a tall stacked-stone feature wall at the far edge of the pool, creating a natural focal point from the house. A sophisticated water feature also runs along the 15m length of the pool, adding a uniquely interesting element while blending harmoniously with the rest of the design. Lush tropical plants have been incorporated into the water feature to soften the look and hide the boundary fence.

The pool is long enough for lap swimming but also has a ledge running the entire length, with jets for a spa-like experience.

A key aspect for all our designs is to consider how the ‘programs’ or rooms of the overall landscape integrate with each other and how they can be their own feature. This was considered with the featured project when it came to creating the seating, swimming and activities (lawn) areas.