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College Pl, Albert Park

College Pl, Albert Park

Big ambition. Small space.

What do you do when you have big ambition for your garden but not a great amount of space? You seek the guidance of a professional pool designer, which is precisely what the owners of this luxurious home in Melbourne’s inner suburbs did.

The brief from the owners of this house was to give them a pool and associated garden that looked like it had been there for years. This meant giving the garden an established feel and ensuring it complemented the architectural style of the house. Another important element of the design was the creation of entertaining areas and finding space for a plunge pool.

The plunge pool is another stand-out feature. Building the plunge pool in such a small space was definitely a challenge, especially trying to fit in the pool equipment and all the pipe work. Making the most of the space in the dining area was equally important. Here there is a built- in daybed and a built-in seat as well as a large wall-mounted mirror that gives the space the appearance of added depth.

A French cottage-style theme for the garden was chosen, which combines rustic charm with easy elegance and a dash of formal flair. One of the ways the Franklin construction team was able to give the garden an established look was by incorporating some salvaged materials.

A bluestone water feature which was built out of blocks saved from the original garden and forms one side of the plunge pool.  Franklin’s also managed to secure some wharf timber from an old pier on the Mornington Peninsula, which was used as timber uprights around the dining area and then attached ArchBar trellis mesh panels, along which Boston ivy and star jasmine now grow to create a leafy screen.