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Isle of Capri, Gold Coast

Isle of Capri, Gold Coast

This landscape and pool renovation is a remarkable resort-style landscape claiming a prized waterfront location on the Gold Coast.

Celebrating the view of the city skyline was an integral component of the brief and the use of organic curves assists in opening up the landscape to its surroundings. The curved swimming pool, which is a feature in its own right, provides the landscape with a point of convergence. There are a number of different rooms within this space and although they seem separate, and each has its own individual view of the city skyline, they flow into each other with the assistance of the pool.

Starting from the top, there is a formal outdoor dining area that sits above the pool, commanding a view of the garden and the areas beyond its boundaries. Next, you move down into the casual seating area, furnished with a large fire pit. From there you descend to the pool, the private jetty and an uninterrupted view of the city skyline. A stroll to the other side of the pool takes you to a raised sun lounge and deck area.

The paved spaces around the pool and in the outdoor room are of pale travertine. the Travertine brings light to the landscape, softens the overall look and makes the garden seem more spacious. The water feature connected to the pool adds another texture to the landscape by using stone cladding over which the water can trickle before falling into the pool.

Palms were vital in creating the desired resort-style ambience, framing views and providing some privacy. These were complimented by rhoeo, for a colour accent, agaves, for an architectural flourish, and gardenias to soften the landscape and give it a lush vibrant look.

Landscape lighting formed the final component of the design. The scheme is minimal but sets just the right mood. There is soft uplighting to feature plants and garden beds and this is complemented by wall lighting on the different terraces and in the outdoor room. The result is a lavish landscape that provides the full resort experience, day or night.